CBR Fashion Group:
This is us!

We’re fast, and we have to be. It starts with our corporate structure and finishes with our employees. One needs a lean company with clearly defined tasks to work together efficiently toward a mutual goal. At Street One and CECIL, it’s all about cuts, materials and trends, or in short, fashion. The CBR Fashion Group’s other components are responsible for the infrastructure, i.e. IT, retail or eCommerce.

CBR's History
A success story

It all started in 1980 when CBR’s founders came up with a business model for supplying the retail sector with a rapidly rotating supply of commercial products. This is where our unique success story began! Street One, the concern’s very first brand, celebrates its 30th birthday in 2013!

CBR was founded
Experienced retailers established CBR in Celle. The business idea: To supply the retail market with fast-moving commercial products.
Starting signal for STREET ONE
The CBR success is expanded into a brand concept. Street One is the first label which delivers the retail market with a young fashion collection eight times a year.
Launch of the CECIL brand
CECIL brand is positioned in the young fashion segment.
CBR goes international
CBR brands are now available in Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Other countries are to follow.
Twelve collections annually
The number of collections of Street One is increased to twelve. Retailers are able to order new women´s fashion every month.
Launch of the Shop System
Street One introduces a standardized shop-in-shop system. The first Street One shops are set up in Hanover and Cologne. The first store is opened in Salzburg. In 1996 CECIL follows with its first store in Frankenberg, Germany.
The NOS (Never out of Stock) goods system Quick Response maximises stock turnover and provides faster movement. CBR delivers within 24 hours.
Repeat and Flash
The fast delivery programs Repeat and Flash are introduced. Following customer’s wishes and responding to their needs, these goods systems provide a super-fast reaction to real requirements.
Menu and Micro-Marketing
A selection of the monthly collection (menu) is offered to system partners; with their local know-how, menu fine-tuning is adaptable to requirements with regional micro-marketing.
Increasing Output
“Laura” establishes a new record: the best selling Street One T-shirt reaches the one million production landmark.
Change of Leadership
The founders pull out of the operative business. The owner-directed business becomes a management-directed company.
Launch of CBR Companies
The CBR fashion brands are available under one roof. The store label CBR Companies serve a broad target group and offers retail partners a multi-label concept, especially in small towns and villages.
Entry of financial investors
The investors Cinven und Apax become CBR shareholder.
Shareholder Change
After two very successful years with investors Cinven and Apax a shareholder change is announced in April 2007. Besides the main shareholder EQT V Ltd. the company also introduces management financial participation.
CBR goes eCommerce
The CBR brands are starting their own E-Commerce shops.
New store design
Street One and CECIL proudly present their new store design concept.
CBR Companies becomes FAVORS! by cbr
CBR’s own marketing concept is being reorganized and renamed. FAVORS! by cbr combines the two brands Street One and CECIL with a contemporary store design.
CBR is taking over 34 sales spaces
CBR supplements its successful partner system with its own retail operation.
CBR expands its retail operations
CBR Fashion Group took over 22 retail stores.
Project completion "Logistics 2015"
Centralization and optimization of the flow of goods through automated bag sorter technology
Project start "Transactional Multichannel"
CBR is launching the project "Transactional Multichannel" and is going live throughout Germany in 2015 and 2016
IT project "conn@ct" is implemented
The CBR finalizes a 5-year program to renew the entire IT landscape to the future-oriented "best of breed" architecture with flexible modules.
Nach zehn Jahren mit dem Investor EQT erfolgt im Februar 2018 ein Gesellschafterwechsel. Eigentümer ist nun Alteri Investors.
TOP JOB Siegel
Die CBR Fashion Holding, CBR Fashion Operations, CBR eCommerce und CECIL erhalten Auszeichnung als TOP Arbeitgeber 2018.